Mena Suvari As The Black Dahlia

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‘American Horror Story’: Ryan Murphy talks The Black Dahlia and whether Violet …
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Tonight’s episode, “Spooky Little Girl,” revealed two more deaths that occurred in the infamous “Murder House”: Elizabeth Short aka “The Black Dahlia” (Mena Suvari) and Constance’s boytoy Travis (Michael Graziadei). The ghostly presences in that house …

Check Out Mena Suvari As The Black Dahlia
I suppose it’s interesting that she’s wearing the black wig. Number one really surprised me more. Anyway, this is Suvari as the Black Dahlia, a famous murder victim whose body was found sliced in half in a park in Los Angeles in 1947. …

AMERICAN HORROR STORY Recap: Spooky Little Girl
Though the body of the Black Dahlia is found mutilated, her spirit still haunts the Murder House. Moving on, this episode was perhaps the strongest for Ben (Dylan McDermott) so far. We’ve seen him walking around in a daze, fantasizing about Moira …
Revenge ‘Treachery’ Review – A Black Dahlia
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It is often said that you should keep your friends close but your enemies closer. There’s also the whole “frenemy” deal…that’s someone who was your friend but now an enemy – or an enemy who is now a friend or a friend who is really an enemy or …

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As far as the main plot goes, the flashback this week is to an actual murder – Elizabeth Short, a.k.a. the Black Dahlia, from 1947. In this mythology, she came to The House to see a dentist, who put her under and raped her, then. Grand Magus

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